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Cliff Chiang

July 10, 2011

Because he is an amazing illustrator and graphic artist extraordinaire I bring you, Cliff Chiang! Everything from him is always designed lavishly, either his page layouts, character designs or original illustrations he draws and colors himself. You can find most his work from DC Comics, where he produced the dangerously meta comic book with Brian Azzarello  Doctor Thirteen: Architectures & Mortality. Read it!


Jen Wang

June 25, 2011

Amazing art. Amazing illustrations. Amazing artist. See her artRead her blog. Buy her book. You WILL believe a girl can be this amazing! (Not a slight against womenfolk, just a reference to that old phrase of nostalgic pulp magazines. Yes that one, remember? Up, up and away and all that.)

Jamie McKelvie

June 25, 2011

Jamie McKelvie. Yes, this guy.  I discovered his lines while picking up Phonogram inconspicuously.  Didn’t know at the bloody time how effective it would at affecting in quite some way the lens through which one views culture. His lines are always crisp, carefully planned, layouts never busy nor wasted and his overall body of work his screamingly contemporary.  Do yourself a favor, pick up Phonogram and his own solo series Suburban Glamour (both from Image Comics).

Calum Alexander Watt

May 15, 2011

Amazing artist who brings a welcome splash of bold acidic colors into the concept art genre. Really digging his character and prop designs. Find more good better images on his blog.

Maciej Kuciara

May 15, 2011

Amazing speed painter and visual artist.  Find more here.

Kilian Eng

May 15, 2011

From Sweden, Kilian Eng brings a retro sensibilities about simulated realities. Find more of his work here.

Geneviève Gauckler

May 15, 2011

Fun illustration work with clean shapes, collages and awesome. More of her work can be found here!