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Mysterius The Unfathomable

August 15, 2010

Mysterius The Unfathomable is a comic book mini-series about Mysterius, a sorcerer for hire and a bit of a con-man. Along with his assistant Delfi, he helps out clients that are “mystically challenged” for a fee. The series starts off with him playing part in a botched séance and then gradually evolves in something much, much bigger. I couldn’t spoil it for you, because frankly this is one of the best things I’ve ever read. Writer Jeff Parker as created in Mysterius an amazing main character that is both sagacious, witty and flawed and shaped a small pocket magical universe that always seems to be twelve steps ahead of you.  Tom Fowler’s art is properly amazing with great acting and emotion from his characters. His art like a melting pot of classic american influences with european flair. Imagine if Jack Davis had conceived a child with Albert Uderzo and that paints a picture.  I aggressively recommend this book to anyone who reads these words.

Here. Have some more Tom Fowler art:

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