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Rafael Albuquerque

January 28, 2010

First post of 2010! Pardon my laziness for I have been busy working on a project that recently concluded, which is partly why I skipped the awards post and also I have terrible long term memory. This year I am probably going to try and write some genuine articles about american comics and characters, which is something I’ve wanted to do for about a year or so. For now, let me just present you: Rafael Albuquerque.

Brazilian comic book creator and illustrator, he’s worked for both DC, Vertigo Marvel and Dark Horse producing a wide range of work like superhero comics to crime and noir dramas.  He’s currently working on a comic series for DC’s Vertigo imprint entitled “American Vampire”, written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King no less! If someone can take vampires and help them make a strong comeback in a overly-shiny saturated market, it’s probably going to be these guys. A project to definitely watch.

I discovered his work on Blue Beetle from DC Comics, which is one of the best mainstream superhero comic I’ve ever read because of it’s great character writing and in no small part thanks to the art. I adore Rafael’s body of work because it’s simple and expressive. He as a definite knack for facial expressions and his line work/inking have a very dirty and scratchy quality which is something I enjoy immensely. He knows how to draw great action shots and his layouts are always stellar.

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