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Best of 2009 | Preparation

December 18, 2009

Every year, I write and create some sort of graphical display of my personal favorite things that I saw, heard or lived in the year. This year will be no exception, but maybe this time I will be joined by Geneviève, Jessy and Sorano. If you’re interested, here’s how it’ll work.

I’ll need your top/favorite for each of those categories that you like. You don’t need to have a favorite in every category. If you feel a category is missing, please say so in a comment.


– Top 5 Movies

– Favorite Drama

– Favorite Cute Movie

– Favorite Comedy

– Favorite Animated Movie

– Favorite Animated Short

– Favorite Action Movie

– Worst Movie (that you’ve seen!)

– Biggest Deception

– Favorite Poster


– Top 5 Albums

– Favorite New Artist/Discovery

– Favorite Album Cover

– Favorite Music Video


-Top 5 Comics

– Favorite “Graphic Novel”

– Favorite Comic Series

– Favorite New Comics

– Favorite Comics Artist

– Favorite Cover

– Favorite Hero

– Favorite Villain


– Top 5 Games

– Favorite Action/Shooter

– Favorite Adventure/RPG

– Favorite Indie

– Favorite Puzzle

– Favorite Sports/Racing

– Favorite Multiplayer

– Worst Game

– Favorite Art Direction

– Favorite Game Design


– Favorite Website

– Favorite Podcast

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