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Lou Romano | Up

November 12, 2009


On Gen’s birthday she received the magnificient Art of Up book. As we were browsing through it, we fell in love with a particular artist in there… Lou Romano. His concept art is simply so emotional and vibrant…

In there was a Color Script, in small thumbnails, which told the movie’s story through hues and tones. On Romano’s blog, he offers a closer look at the whole script. Here’s a few of the pictures, but you HAVE to go see it all. And take a look at his concept art too, because it’s even 10 times prettier than this. Unless you haven’t seen Up, in which case you should just run and see it now.






One last thing. He also shows the first version of the color script for the first (and best) Act of the movie. I am simply AMAZED at this. You get a feel of the atmosphere and dynamism of the movie in very simple shapes and colors. Crazy stuff.






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